Chop saw is tripping circuit breaker


Affected Tool or Resource: chop saw]

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[On sat 3/30 the chop saw was tripping the power when I tried to cut 4x4 lumber. It has been doing this frequently when working with the chop saw and other equipment, such as the vacuum and the dust collectors.]

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I’ll move the vacuum onto a separate circuit (via extension cord). That should help a lot.

Yesterday (4/4) the chop saw tripped the circuit without the vacuum (tried it both with and without and tripped it twice). I think there may be a fault in the saw. Or it is possible that the circuit breaker itself is failing, I’ve had that happen in my barn before.

Hi Halgren, try plugging something of similar power draw (a little more is better) into the plug that the chop saw uses and power it up. If it blows then its more than likely the breaker is shot. If not then the chop saw is suspect. If you have an electrician in the shop have him look at the resistance across the power leads of the saw. Could be motor or worn out switch, as an industrial electrician I’ve seen switches either go open or short.

hope this helps!

toadz aka Jim

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