Checkout: tools for finger/box joints

Hello LMN.

I would like to join together the long edge of some 1.25" x 4" pine at a 90 degree angle using finger/box joints. I know this can be done on a table saw, band saw, or router table.

I’m not sure the best way to do this at LMN and was hoping someone could show me the ropes.

Thank you, everyone.

I really appreciate all the volunteers that make LMN possible

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I’m planning to do a drop in demo open to all that will cover this. I’m thinking it will be early next Friday evening. Watch this site for more details.

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@ceren Though you and Louisa would be interested in this post!

Also joining this chain, sounds interesting!

I also want too join this check out session.

@laura_rogers definitely, thank you! I’ll keep an eye on it.

I’m going to demonstrate a few of my router jigs and table saw jigs for cutting finger joints and dovetails this Sunday starting at 3pm. I’d like it to be open to all. This is informal–not a check off. If you learn something useful to you consider making a small (or large) donation to the makerspace. I am hoping to use a similar approach in the near future to introduce a variety of woodworking techniques. We’ll see how it goes and see if there is much interest.


Amazing! I will be there Sunday

This sounds wonderful. Will also join.

sounds good. I will join.


Hi Charlie! Will there still be a checkout Friday evening for this, do we need to be checked out in order to come to the one on Sunday?

Thank you,


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There is no event Friday. The date is changed to Sunday. It is not a check off. Just drop in if you are interested.

One of the things I plan to demonstrate with a finger joint jig is making a bee hive.


5 minutes! Let us know if you are on the way!

Thank you @cafwood for the demonstration of the different types of tools and techniques of making joinery. I have a lot of information to take home and digest.

Looking at the table saw method and will share anything I learn about jig making

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