Checkout Request - Woodshop

I am new to the LMN and would like to learn about all the tools available for me to use in the making of a small coffee table.

I am available essentially any time to do checkout

Woodshop checkout on the lethe for sat July 8th. Or July 9th

Thanks for the reply Chad! I don’t think I will be using the lathe at all but someone else may want to come in to learn. I think I will primarily need to checkout the jointer, planer, router, table and miter saws.

Do I need to get cleared or can I just use it? Thought I needed to get cleared on the equipment?

Hello @StephenH and @Chad_Hill! I can get either or both of you set up on the table saw. I will make a separate post to schedule this. The other tools you may be interested in getting checked out on are the compound miter saw, panel saw, jointer, planer, router table/routers, band saw, and drill press. Typically the most tools we can cover in a single session are about three, depending on how many folks want to attend. @Chad_Hill if you want to schedule a lathe checkout I would advise making a separate post to request this-- and yes, you will need to have a checkout before you can use the lathe. :slight_smile: