Checkout request: Wood Shop

Hey, I have just signed up and excited to get going. Would anyone be able to help me get checked out in the wood shop? I’m available any time tomorrow 02/11 or most of the time during the typically open hours. The tools I’m interested in initially are the planer and jointer but would love to be checked out in as many as possible. Thank you in advance!

Tagging those who can give checkouts in this area: @RealCarlRaymond @Tony @laura_rogers @cafwood


@Alukard was also looking to get a woodshop checkout this weekend.

I can’t do a checkout myself yet, but wanted to let whoever is able to do the next check out in the wood shop that I would like to attend as an observer working toward becoming a trainer myself.

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Hi @RealCarlRaymond, Tony, @laura_rogers, cafwood would someone be able to help run a check out at some point this weekend for the wood shop? Thank you!!

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Good day! I know for the coming week for open hours of the 22nd to the 25th, im fairly open for the whole weekend if anyone can do checkouts

I can be available to for check out anytime during open hours on Thursday, Feb. 22. Just let me know what time is best for you. I’m approved for check out on the table saw, jointer, plane, and miter saw. I could also give you some introduction to the router table and drill press. I’d rather you’d check with someone else if you wish to learn the bandsaw or lathes.

Tom Herdt

Hey Tom,

I can be there at 430 and all the tools you listed are what im looking at being able to use to get started on my table project

Thank you very much!

That’s great.
I’ll see you at 4:30 on Thursday.

Hello! I’d also be interested in checking out a few things in the woodshop this week, including some of the power sanding tools, as well as a jigsaw and drill press. Would it be possible to join in on thursday? Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make it in until ~5:30 though.