Checkout Request: Forge, Drill Press, and 2 x 72 Belt Sander


I am looking to get checked out on the above with the goal of doing some knifemaking for myself and friends/family.

I was told to tag @Clifford_Bohm!

I could do an evening this week or maybe sometime next week as well.

Let me know!


Taylor Patterson

I’m also interested in this check-out!


I’ll need to pay closer attention to the date stamps on these posts! :smiley:

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Haha well if you get a checkout going I am still interested!

I’m lso interested in this

FYI, Cliff recently stepped down as head of the smithing area to focus on his PhD, Change to Blacksmithing and Welding - #11 by bjadms8, so things are a little unsettled with that. A lot of the equipment was his on loan to the space and I’m not sure who is in charge of it at this point.

@Mike-L @billehhg not totally sure who is able to do these checkouts, feel free to tag anyone I’m missing! Looks like we have several interested.

I can give checkouts for the forge and belt sander tomorrow night between 6 and 9. I am also available next week thursday and friday from 6 to 9, and possibly that weekend.


I posted a separate request but would love a checkout on either next Thursday or Friday if you are still available. Please and thank you very much!

Hey @Mike-L, apologies if you’ve already done this- but are you able to make a post for the scheduled forge/sander checkout? Looks like Thursday won’t be a problem for most folks and I want to make sure everyone who has requested knows when to show up and how many to expect.

@Taylor_Patterson @FScott @ron @John_Mongar

A separate post has been made about a scheduled checkout. Please respond there to let me know if you will be there

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@Mike-L thanks Mike, i’m having trouble finding it
when is it scheduled?

It was yesterday. Weather permitting I can do it tonight as well, I will have a more solid answer later today

thanks @Mike-L if you plan to stop by tonight let me know when and i’ll head over

I work the closing shift thursday and friday. I can do the checkout between 6 and 6:30 today. I will also be able to give the checkout next week

Sorry just saw this. will look out for the next one