Checkout Request for Woodworking

I’m looking to use the woodworking tools, is someone available in the next week to check me out on the wood shop?

I can get you checked out on the miter saw and table saw

That sounds great! Do you know of anyone who could check me out for the jigsaw/bandsaw/upright saw thing that can make curvy cuts?

Currently carl is the one that can give those checkouts. I work the evening shift today, I will ask if i can get set up as a trainer for those tools as well and get back to you.

@Andrew_Mattes Hi! Any chance I can join in on the woodworking checkout? I want to use the bandsaw and drill press specifically, and any belt/spindle sanders if there are any (I didn’t see during the orientation). Not sure if I’m allowed to jump in on someone else’s checkout like this so let me know if not, but I just figured it might be easier for folks instead of scheduling a separate one.

Hi Everyone! I am new to the network and looking to get checkouts on the woodworking tools also. Can I join one of the checkouts as well? I am looking to get check outs for the table saw, miter saw, planer and jointer.

I’m happy to give a checkout for the bandsaw and scroll saw this Friday evening at 7:00. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome. No approval is necessary. Reply back if that time works for you.

That would work great for me, I will see you tomorrow night!

Hello, I am new and am also looking to get checked out for woodworking tools, so if it’s alright I will be there as well.

That’ll be fine. I look forward to meeting you.

Hey guys, i might be a minute or two late, sorry!

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