Checkout Request for Woodshop

Hi, everyone! I am Ceren and I recently joined the LMN as a volunteer. I am open to experience and learn new tools at any category but mainly interested in woodshop machines. So, I was hoping to get a checkout for woodshop machines. Please let me know when there is an availibilty. Thanks!

If possible, I would also like to jump in on any wood shop related checkouts.

Jumping into this thread just in case I can make it to whatever checkouts are scheduled.

I’d like to get checked out on the woodshop tools. I hope I can jump into a lesson too.

If this is still going to happen (post is 2 weeks old) I would like to participate and get checked out too.

Carl said something to me about posting a post on the talk site to see who else wants to sign up. We unofficially agreed to Saturday (Oct. 1st)? Keep an eye out for this post if anyone else wants to get checked out on everything woodworking.

I’ve just posted a checkout session this weekend. For anyone still in need, you can reply over there.