Checkout request: for woodshop equipment

Hello All!

New member looking to get checked out on as many woodshop machines as I can. To list out specifics: table saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw, miter saw, lathe, router table, shaper. But really any and all equipment is appreciated.

Also willing to learn the checkout process so I can help others learn.

Hello and welcome to LMN. I do a lot of the woodshop checkouts. Sorry for not replying sooner.
Would Tuesday evening at 6:30 work for you?

I’ll be leaving on a vacation later in the week so it’ll be a few weeks before I could do another time.

Thanks for replying! Yes, I am available on Tuesday at 6:30.

I posted a checkout session for tomorrow night at 6:30. Please reply there if you’re coming, and if anything anything comes up.