Checkout request for Wood CNC


Currently attending the event and this would really helpnwith my project!

I am free most days but thursdays amd saturdays to come get checkedout

I think we’re getting the last bits of the checkouts finalized. I’ll try to talk with @Bwil415 soon to figure out when and what that’ll look like!


Hey there, I know this is late notice, but are you free tomorrow 4/21 around noon? I am considering doing a checkout either then or the same time next week.

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Howdy, i should be able to make it in around noon

OK let’s do it then. @John_Townshend and @Rossi.Bossi are y’all available tomorrow? I know you both asked me before. I could take one more attendee if anyone else is interested and available.

I think it would take at least 2 hours to cover everything.

Yeah. I’ll be there.