Checkout request for laser & 3d-printer

I’d like to get checked out on the laser and 3d-printer. If it’s possible to do both during the same visit, that would be ideal. I’m free during open hours–after 5 on Thursday/Friday and anytime during the weekend.


Laser cutter, I mean.

Hey Erik, if you can make it to the space before 5:30 tonight I can give you a laser cutter check out.

Danielle, that would be great. If I’m there by 5:10, would that be enough time? (I might be able to get there by 5) --Erik

Yep I’ll be here. See you then.


If you’re still looking for a 3D printer checkout, I can help you out this weekend. Just let me know when works for you!

That’s great. I can come anytime this weekend. Do you handle the vinyl cutter too? That’s another check-out I’d like to do.

I don’t, but if you’d like to make a separate post for that, we could get you set up with someone who does!

Anytime that works for you this weekend works for me. Just give me a heads up!

I’m aiming to come tomorrow after 2. I’ll confirm.

Hi @Jimmy I’m headed over to the space now. I’ll be there til 4:30-5. If it doesn’t work to do the checkout this afternoon, tomorrow could work too.

Checkout completed!!!

Thanks again, @jimmy!

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