Checkout request blacksmithing

Hello! My name is Henry, I’m a new member, and would like to get a checkout for blacksmithing

I would like to jump in on this if it works out as well

@Clifford_Bohm I wont be able to schedule this at the moment. my whole house is sick

Hello @Grimalkin and @BrianBaldwin I can help with this. I am going to be at the space tonight, so if you had time between 5:30 and 6 tonight, that would really work well. The next time I am scheduled to be in the space is the 24th, when I’m teaching in the morning and could do checkouts after class (in the early afternoon).

If you don’t want to wait that long (I know I would not want to), let me know what times work for you guys, and we can figure something out.

Did this happen yesterday? I’d like to join if you have room for one more. I’m available most evenings and weekends.

@Arialia, @Grimalkin, @BrianBaldwin

I’ll be at the space for a bunch of time this Saturday (Sept, 17th). If that day works for you, let me know a time, and I’ll be sure I’m there.

Saturday works for me. I prefer earlier in the day, but I’m flexible.

Earlier Saturday works for me as well

Ill be here between 10 am and 3 pm. Maybe even later.

I can probably do Saturday morning too…but if you pick a time, and I’m not there…no worries…get to getting and I’ll catch it another time.

Great! I can be there at 10am.

I’ll be there as well

Is there another blacksmith checkout time coming up?

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