Checkout on Miter Saw/Table Saw/Jointer

Hi! I am hoping to get a Checkout on the three items mentioned sometime in the near future. I am available most nights around 8 PM or after, but can be more flexible on weekends if that is not available.


@RealCarlRaymond let me know if you (or anyone else you might know) is available! Thanks!

How about this Thursday at 8:00? At the moment, the jointer is still out of service, but we can do the other tools.

Hi Carl- thanks for the response. Thursday night does not work for me. In the coming week, I could do Friday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night or next Thursday night. Let me know if any of those work!

Let’s do it Friday night at 8:00 then.

Hi Carl! Thanks for the Checkout on the Table and Miter Saws on Friday- would you be able to do a Checkout on the Jointer on Wednesday or Thursday night? If not, just let me know when you can and we can go from there (or let me know if I should ask someone else).

Thanks again!

I made a new post about the checkout for tomorrow night.