Checkout on lathe and other woodworking tools

Good evening. My name is Doc and I am a brand new member in town on sporadic weekends. If possible, I would like to have someone guide me through the process of checkout for the woodworking tools tomorrow (11Jun2022), specifically the lathe. I am active duty military stationed out of selfridge ANGB down in Mt. Clemens so my time is not always my own to schedule with. Thank you very much for your help and I am sorry for the short notice.

I would like to tag into this check out as well

@cafwood: I was instructed to reach out to you by name if I didn’t hear anything back. I will be up in Lansing this upcoming weekend (starting on Friday morning, July 1st and extending to Monday evening, the 4th. Would it be possible to get your help with checkout on various machines please? I can work around your schedule and the easiest times for you. Thank you very much in advance.

I will be out of town until july 5. I can probably arrange something after that. Carl Raymond may be available to help you get checked off before then.

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Thank you Sir. If I shouldn’t hear from him before this weekend or he is unable, I will circle back and try to set something up with you for a later date. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


@RealCarlRaymond: would you be able to help facilitate while I’m in town this weekend? Thank you in advance.

@Docmorgan21 Are you available this weekend (July 2-3)? Sorry for the late reply. If you don’t have other plans i can get you started in the woodshop.

Outstanding! Thank you! Yes, I am available. What time/day works best for you and I will work around your schedule. Thank you again!

How about today (Sat.) at 2:30?

I can do 230pm. I’ll see you there. Thank you again!

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