Checkout for woodshop

Hi, anyone willing to run checkouts with me in the woodshop for the bandsaw and a few others during open hours this week (2/1 - 2/4)? Thanks!

Sorry about the late response, I have mentioned several people who would be able to help you out. Hopefully we can get this done in the specified timeframe!

Charles Finkel @cafwood
Laura Rogers @laura_rogers
Carl Raymond @RealCarlRaymond
Tony Kuhlman @Tony
Jerry Fahner @jfahner
Tom Herdt @motorad
John Cardinal @Jcard1415
Ryan Glogowski @ryglow

I am out of town today, but plan to come home some time tomorrow. Right now, i dont have a definite time when i can be there though. Would you be available on short notice if i could say i’ll be there at a given time?

Also, what tools are you interested in?

I am heading back to Lansing now, and should be in town around 7 pm. If you want to try tonight, reply to this thread. Otherwise, tomorrow is possible - please suggest a time. After that, i am unavailable until March.

@Alec_G and @reggiechamp tagging you in case you would like to tag along on this woodshop checkout.

I can offer a woodshop checkout this Saturday, Feb. 10, at 1:00pm.
If you’re interested, reply in this thread, and list the tools you’re interested in. If it turns into a long list, we might not be able to do everything, but we’ll cover what has the most interest; at least two or three. Possibilities are:

Table saw (longest)
Miter saw
Panel saw (quick)
Jointer and planer

I’m not a wood turner, though, so I can’t cover the wood lathes.

Hi, I’d like to come to the checkouts on the 10th at 1.
Just getting started, so I’d need to do all of these at some point, but don’t expect that all in one.
To start maybe Miter saw, Jointer and planer and the router are things I’d like to start with.

Sorry for the late response I didn’t see these, I appreciate the enthusiasm to help but Ryan was able to check me out on all the tools needed thanks all!

If that time slot is still avail for you Raymond, I would love to book that time along with @Alec_G .
I have a bit of experience with everything except the jointer and planer. But willing to do whatever you have the time/patience/want to!

Would love to get started on some projects!
Let me know if this works.


I would like to tag along on the checkouts feb 10. I want to freshen up on the table saw checkout because its been a long time since i gave that checkout, and i want to work toward being able to give more woodshop checkouts if possible

I’m still planning to be there as long as anyone’s interested.

I’m down! Thanks @RealCarlRaymond. See you there!