Checkout for Woodshop machines

Good day everyone,

I am brand new member! I was hoping to get checked out for any of the machines that require being checked out in the wood shop department so i can get started on a project i would like to do

For this coming week i only have time saturday and sunday

Thank you

Hi. I’m sorry nobody has replied to you about this. LMN is run by volunteers, and so sometimes this happens. However, I can do the checkouts for you if you like. Please post times in the next week or so that are open for you, and I’ll try to help you get this done. I am not available on Friday and Saturday this week (March 1 & 2) but after that is a good place to start. Depending on what machines you want to cover, expect this to be 1-2 hours.

Tony Kuhlman

Good Afternoon Tony!

No worries! I was actually able to get in with Tom to go over the table saw, jointer, plane, and miter saw.

Not sure what other tools in the woodworking area need a checkout but I would love to get checked out on anything I am missing.

On sunday, I am available from 12 - 3 if that would work for you to go over anything I may have missed

Is there anyone that would be available March 1st to checkout the circular saw and/or the jugsaw?

We talked tonight at the shop, right?

Would Monday or Tuesday afternoon work for you?


What time in the afternoon were you thinking? I could make those work

Let’s see, what’s left…

drill press, miter/chop saw, band saw, and a couple of sanders come to mind. You asked about the circular saw as well.

Would 3 PM Monday work for you?

3pm Monday would work great for me, i will see you there!

This was completed.