Checkout for table saw, wood lathe, and laser cutter

I’m looking to do a checkout of the table saw, wood lathe, and laser cutter. Our schedule is pretty flexible. I also have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it okay if my kiddo (11yo) joins me for the laser cutter checkout?
  2. Does the wood lathe checkout include making concave shapes (like bowls)?

Hi Eric,
I can do a checkout for the table saw and wood lathe for you. Yes, the wood lathe checkout can include bowl-shaped turning.
Could you meet tomorrow (Wed.) in the late afternoon, say 4:00 or Thursday at about the same time?
We should be able to do both in one session.
Sorry, I can’t do the laser cutter checkout or answer your first question.

I think I can make one of these work if I move around some of my kiddo’s lessons. About how long would it take?

I am thinking about 1.5 - 2 hours.
I can be flexible with time, too.

I can be there at 4:30 Thursday (the 11th). Does that work?

Sure, that sounds perfect. See you then.

Fantastic! See you then!