Checkout for -literally- everything

I’m looking to get checked out on as many pieces of equipment as possible, as I’m a volunteer who knows painfully little about the things I show prospective new members.

I’d like to start in the Ironworks & blacksmithing areas, but I mean it when i say that I want checked out on everything, so i won’tbe picky about what i get first. I can be available most evenings and on Saturday, all day.

@Mike-L can get you checked out on everything back there in Blacksmithing and Welding!

If you want to come in friday evening next week I would be happy to get you started on the metal shop, table saw, and chop saw. Those are all the checkouts I can give

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Sounds like a good plan to me! What time works for you?

My shift starts at 6:30. I can be at the space earlier if you want more time

Remind me, what shift do you work? I could get you checked out on the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and sublimation printer/heat press

I can be there before 630 on Friday; however long it takes to go through the checkout procedure, i can be that early to it, in case you dont want to run over into your shift.

To Evelyn- my shift starts 1130 am on Saturday, and heck yeah to getting checked out on more thing!

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Friday 6:30 to close

Mike, did you want to be a little early this Friday for the checkouts? Or should i expect 630pm?

Sorry for the late response, I’m a dingus that forgot to click submit on the reply I had typed up. I am at the space now and ready whenever you are available.

ALRIGHT, I got a couple checkouts last weekend- @Mike-L and @Evelyn, what days and time do you think you could be available for the checkouts you can give this week? I’m interested in everything you can give, time permitting

I am available on shift friday, and dont have anything yet planned for the weekend

if asked I can help u learn to proficiently use the welder once u check it out.

Could you come earlier on Friday for the laser checkout?
We have a big activity starting at 6, I’m hoping to run a shift last meeting at 5, so… 4:30?

@Evelyn I can be there 430pm on Friday. I may be a lil bit frazzled when I show up; my work season is starting back up next week, and I have a TON of plans and specifications to brush up on. @Mike-L , if I’m still around after laser checkout, I’m not sure if there will be space for checkouts during the event, so lets play it by ear

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@Evelyn could I join that laser checkout at 4:30 on Friday ?

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I have a more open month, than last month, & can schedule the torch checkout. Let me know what days/times would work for you.

Sorry for the super long response time- having returned to work for the new season has heavily distracted me. I have (typically) evenings after around 530pm, or Saturday during and after my shift, so let me know a good time for you!

What time is your shift on Saturday?