Check out request - jointer, planer, and band saw

@RealCarlRaymond. I’d like to get checked out on the jointer, planer, band saw, and drum sander (if it’s working). Anytime between Nov 4 to 15 would work for me. I can come in during open hours, if that’s most convenient.

Also, I’d like to make some miter cuts on light-weight, square aluminum tubing. I’d be happy to donate a suitable non-ferrous metal blade, if there’s none available.

Tom Herdt

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the late reply. I’m happy to get you checked out. How about Tuesday evening at 7:00pm. Suggest another evening or Saturday afternoon if that doesn’t work.


Hi Carl,

That’ll be fine. See you Tuesday evening.

One other question. I have some light-weight, square aluminum tubing I’d like to cut on the miter saw. Is there a suitable blade available at Makers for that? If not, I’d be happy to purchase one and donate it to the cause. I have one picked out that looks like it would be quite versatile, good for plastic, plexiglass, copper, pcv, etc., in addition to aluminum. I think it’s also available in 12 inch.


Thanks much.


I have cut lightweight aluminum with the existing blade, and it works well. A handful of cuts won’t be a problem. If you need to cut lots of it, then a blade would be appreciated.

Thanks Carl,

I’ve just a few cuts on very light weight material. I’ll give it a try.