Check out on CNC & Laser Cutter

Hello- I just recently joined and was hoping to get checked out on The CNC and the Laser Cutter. I work until 5:30 pm ish m-f so would need to meet after that or I can be flexible on Saturdays and Sundays. I’d like to meet as soon as it is possible . Thank you for your consideration. If I didn’t do this right please let me know … Thanks again.
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Welcome to the space, Brad!

I’ll be available all day today (Saturday 3/14) and tomorrow (Sunday 3/15) for a checkout on the laser cutter. Does any time on either of these days work for you?

I would like to tag along on a laser cutter checkout if possible. I’m available after like 5 today and all day tomorrow if it works for everyone else.

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Does 1:00pm tomorrow (Sunday the 15th) work for both of you?

Adam, once we’ve confirmed a time for the laser cutter checkout, I’ll reach out to you in your thread to schedule a 3D printer checkout as well.

Anytime works for me. I’ll probably swing by there later today anyway. It’s a boring weekend for me

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Hi thanks for getting back to me.

I can meet Tomorrow at 1 so you can meet with us both if that works for you.

I also am interested in the 3D printer too , but hadn’t asked - figured I would ask eventually. If you want to schedule us both for a time to do that with you that’s convenient for you and saves time for you that would be great too.