Change to Blacksmithing and Welding

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I have stepped down from leading blacksmithing and welding so that I can focus my full attention on my doctoral degree. The good news is that the welding area is not effected by this move. On the other hand, a good deal of the tools in blacksmithing are my personal property, and they have to come home with me. I did donate the small forge, a post vice and some tools - and the metal table, belt sander and drill presses are all staying, so along with the anvil that Bobby Adams donated, members should still be able to work on their blacksmithing projects.

Thanks to all of you for helping me run the blacksmithing and welding areas over the years. We have been though two moves, and I’ve been able to run, I don’t even know, how many classes over those years. Best luck to everyone on their making endeavors!



Gonna miss ya buddy! Good luck with your research/writing.

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Would it be possible to get a list of items that would needed for the space going forward? I want to start a dream list so that when items come up we can easily reference what we want/need


I am working on this. Too much has happened in the last couple days to think about it now, but expect a list soon. Obviously, anyone else is welcome to chip in.

Suffices to say that we need anvils. A lot of anvils. If people have possible sources, please broadcast them.

I wish you the best, Cliff! Thanks for all the improvements you made to the blacksmithing and welding (and storage!) areas and all the classes you’ve sacrificed your time to teach.

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It just occurred to me that Cliff contributed to the LMN Tool Compendium. We can create a separate sheet to track what’s left and what’s needed the most. I agree that anvils are at the top of the list.


Search Craigslist, lots of anvils there.

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Thanks for all your help Cliff, good luck finishing up your PhD.

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I wonder if we could get anything from Tillers down in the Kalamazoo area. That is where I took my first blacksmithing class and they have a very large barn/smithy, there might be extra tools there that they’d be willing to sell us. Just a thought.

Source of anvils american made Holland Anvil Grag can reach theough Facebook messaging. Greg has been known to supportive of Blacksmithing community.

For cheap Chinese anvil Vevor they cater to YouTube influencesers. And as maker space it connected to a community might work with LMN.

Just a thought good luck and may God bless

I just joined Today and I have a Anvil to donate, I still need to be checked out on the proper procedures on a gas forge. The last work I did was with coal. I may also have a extra post vise. Some extra tongs and other things to be able to donate. I’m sorry I never got to meet you or take any of your classes Clifford.