Chair Fund: Help LMN Sit Better

In another thread I went on (maybe too long) about these nice Haworth chairs at MSU Surplus for $35.00. The price is so good because they’re all broken the same way: a plastic part that holds the reclining spring cracks, and then the back won’t stay up.
It’s easily fixable, though. I bought one and used some cable ties to make it like new, at a cost of about $0.40. (If the cable ties don’t last, I have a Plan B, also, in case you’re worried.)

I think it would be nice to have 6-12 of these in the break room. The seat folds up, so they can nest in a corner. Aside from the design flaw, they are in very good shape. They have different fabrics and patterns.

Is anyone else interested in more? I’ll donate the one I bought, and put a donation bin in the break room dedicated to this. Throw a few bucks in, and I’ll go get another every time it gets up to $37.10. They have a lot at the moment, but there’s no telling how long they’ll last.

Anything left over will go into the general LMN donation bin.