Can someone fix my couch?

Hi! This can super be taken down if not allowed, but the frame that holds the springs of my couch snapped out of place and i just dont have the skills or time to fix it.

Litterally just one board needs to be cut and nailed and the little spring holds attached. Im super willing to pay if anyones interested! Ots otherwise it really great condition.

Definitely allowed, and hopefully someone here has the expertise to help out!

Do you have any pictures of the damaged part?

I only have one right now but i can take better ones this afteroon. Its just that one diagonal board

Can you bring the broken parts to the makerspace or does someone need to come to your home? I’m pretty sure I have the skills and tools. Would you want to participate in the repair?

For machineing the piece i can probably get all the measurments that are needed but im guessing someone would have to come to my house to install the new wood piece and such. I just dont have a big enough car to transport this bit of the couch to the makers space.

Oh and id wanna watch but otherwise nah. Ive already fought with this thing for like 6 hours. It has beaten me in the diy war

My email is Contact me there and we’ll see what can be arranged.

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