Can I use the space just for staining wood projects?

I have a wood project i need to finish staining and sealing. My garage is now too cold to apply the stain. Would I be allowed to use the space just for finishing the project?

A qualified yes. Thanks for asking. Are you planning to use oil based or water based finishes?
Are you planning to use a brush or spray? We don’t want you to spray flammable finishes indoors. If you are are spraying water based finishes, we can set up a spray booth. If you are brushing something smelly (high voc), we may need you to work near an open door with a fan. In any case, if you do finish at the space you will need to bring drop cloths or something to protect bench tops for small objects and dispose any flammable rags, etc. safely.

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I will have to check if they are oil based or not. I would be using a brush. I can certainly bring drop cloths and a fan.