Can drive fundraiser - $756.60 raised so far!

In January, someone brought up doing a can drive to support Lansing Makers Network. Let’s do it!

If you have empty cans to donate, comment below to work out a time for me to pick them up.

Some important things to know:

  • I drive a truck with a bed cover that can hold maybe 8-10 bags of cans
  • I’m mostly available between 9 am and 3 pm on Thursdays and Fridays
  • I live in Holt and would prefer to meet you halfway
  • I’ll donate 100% of the deposits from collected cans to LMN, but it may not happen all at once since can crushers have limited available right now

I’ll post regular updates about $$$ donated. Alternatively, if you cash in your own cans (or volunteer to get someone else’s), you can donate on the LMN Facebook page.

Thanks! :heart:

Great idea, @egillespie. Lemme try to find some empties and let you know.

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I’m in! I work near Holt and can bring them to you. I’ll get in touch soon!

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I think I’ve figured out where I can reliably turn in cans and am starting to make some headway. I put the total deposited in my original post ($33.50 at the time of this comment) and will keep it up to date.

I’ve turned in four bags so far and have about 24 more to go. Keep the bags coming and thank you for contributing!

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I picked up a whole truckload of cans today and deposited what I could fit in one cart. It may take a while to fully realize all these donations! :sweat_smile:

Wow, I picked up a whole truck load today, nearly doubling the amount of cans I have. Based on what I’ve deposited so far ($81.60), I think I have over $300 in deposits! :scream:

They let me deposit $29 worth of cans and bottles today. Woohoo! :tada:

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I deposited $20.60 more today. I’m learning that the dollar amount per bag can vary quite a bit. I might be halfway through the donations by the end of this week!

Another day, another $25.10. Not bad for 40 minutes round-trip!

The can crushers have been out of service a couple of days. I’m not even halfway through the stockpile of donated cans and bottles! :woman_facepalming:

$33.90 deposited today! :scream:

$23.20 deposited today and that puts us past $200 raised! :astonished:

$20.80 collected today. I have officially deposited all of the cans from the first truckload of donations received so I think I’m about halfway done!

Smaller load today: $21.10

$30.50 deposited today and still plenty more to go!

$29.60 today. The machines must have been recently tuned, they were operating fast today! :joy:

TIL that there isn’t as much variety in glass bottles accepted for deposit as cans and plastic; about 2/3 of the bottles in my case. But I got $17.10 and that’s still something!

$27.20 deposited today. I have two more trips and I’ll be through all the bags collected so far! Does anyone have more to contribute??

Thanks for doing all of this, Erik!!

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$17.70 donated today. There are five bags left in my garage but I should be getting some more donations soon!