Call Out for Potential Teachers

As the new head of education, I’d like to build on the programs we currently have. Current teachers have suggested we reach out to businesses and offer classes as opportunities for team building. They also suggested that we need an additional person to be available when classes are being taught, to check people in and help with classes as needed. These assistants may be able to audit the class and eventually be able to teach the class as their skills and interest allows.
We also need more teachers and more classes. Realize, if you are interested, in addition to regular classes we can also offer your teaching skills in shorter classes or hands on demonstrations both open to the public or members only. There are also teaching opportunities for special events like Lex and Evelyn offer every Friday. We are also hoping to have opportunities to develop YouTube videos.
Personally, I would like to see more classes or experiences offered in needle crafts and in design/drawing (both free hand and in CAD). I am also interested in developing activities with kids and parents.
If you have an idea in these areas or any others and an interest in teaching or demonstrating a skill, I am interested in trying to facilitate it. Some of or most of these plans may take awhile to develop. I realize, at this point, we are all volunteers trying to do interesting and fun things in our spare time.


I would be willing to do a talk/demo about how i built my canoe, if there is interest.


Sounds good. Let’s talk so I can understand more what you might have in mind.

I’d be interested in teaching a glass bead making class, or some beginner blacksmithing e.g. hooks.


Sounds great. Let’s try to meet soon to talk about your ideas. I’ll be at the makerspace Wed. late afternoon/evening and before 8pm Th.

Great, I’ll come by Wednesday after work (I’ll probably get there 6-6:30ish)

I have an idea for a welding class, but I dont know if a single student class is viable. I can have a demo prepared for wednesday if you want to talk about it more


I’ll be around Wed. evening between 6-8pm. We can discuss what you have in mind.

Hi, I have taken several classes with Heather as a non member but I have taken classes elsewhere which might be of interest here.

Gem trees
Wire wrapping and maybe some wire weaving
Two hole beading
Chain Maille
Kumihimo with or without beads

My thought is to kit materials for one or two beginning projects which could be accomplished in a 2,3,4 hour window. Cost would be dependent on materials but some of these items would be under $25.

Willing to discuss with anyone.

Margaret Smith


I’ve taken your idea of making kits and discussed it with Brian, the director. We both think there are strong possibilities of using it in the future. Thanks. I will be at the makerspace for a little while Wed. evening from about 5:30 to 7:00 if you wanted to stop by and discuss your ideas further.

Hi, Charles, i am available Wednesday and I will bring examples of the types of kits I am proposing and instructional materials.

I’ve discussed doing a paint pour class.

I could also do an electro forming/electroplating jewelry class…but in not sure how to make that work because of the plating time.

I’m also working on copper etching that I might be able to bring to the space.

Sounds good. I will plan to see you there.

I am in the parking lot in a white car.

in the future I gan help ppl learn basic drafting and cad if asked.

Thanks for responding. Are you interested in teaching a class or helping individual members that would like help or both?

I wanted to let you know that Heather has enough torches she would let us use for glass bead making. Also, the class proposal form is now on the talk site.

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I wanted to let you know that Brian said he would be willing to get welding helmets. He also suggested going to Alro and asking what it might cost for the steel and laser cutting for the stove parts and asking them if they might be willing to sponsor the kits.