Call for Volunteers: Summer How-to Holiday 2022!

Hi Everyone!

We are having an event called “Summer How-to Holiday” on June 18th (Saturday) from 12:00pm to 6:00pm here at LMN space, and we are in need of volunteers!

To those who have been around to see the Winter How-to Holiday, it will be similar set up (just summer themed this time)! And for those of you who were not, it is going to be a community involvement event where people can come to our Maker’s space, pay for a ticket/token, which they can exchange for a participation at a project station.

The project stations we currently have confirmed are:

  • Blacksmithing wind chimes (Cliff)
  • Custom etched pint glasses (Katie)
  • Custom stamped jewelry (Heather)
  • Rolling mill copper pendants (James)
  • Laser cutter trinkets (needs a lead)
  • Textile/Sewing station (Billy)
  • Do-nothing Machine (Carl)

These stations will be spread out through the Maker’s space in appropriate locations, and the participants will be able to enjoy their station(s) of choice while getting a look around our awesome space! Each station will have a lead, who would be the person in charge of that station, and 2 volunteers to help run that station.

In addition to the station volunteers, we would need 4 volunteers for front desk. Front desk duties will look a little different than the standard volunteer shifts during the event.
You will be:

  • Confirming/taking tickets and distributing tokens (for station participation)
  • Ensure liability waivers are signed
  • Distribute safety glasses
  • Clean safety glasses
  • Count/track number of participants
  • Coat/purse check
  • More as needs arise

All volunteers will report to the site (LMN) 1 hour before the event starts (11am) to help with set up and receive an event-specific volunteer orientation. There will be a pizza provided for all volunteers at lunch break midway through the event.

If you are interested in volunteering for this awesome event and make it even more awesome, fill out the google form below and indicate your preferences (if any)!

And if you can’t make this amazingly fun event, but still want to help out with preparations of materials/planning, then that would be lovely! There is an option for that in the form so make sure to fill that part out so we can include you for further communication!

Click here for volunteer sign up form!

Or, if the above hyperlink does not work, copy paste this in your browser:

Please feel free to ask questions or for any clarifications on this thread! But if you want to volunteer, PLEASE fill out the form instead of just replying here.

Thank you!

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I can’t be here for the event - I’ll be out of town that weekend. But I have been busy making the smoke grinder/useless machine/trammel of Archimedes/wooden fidget spinner pictured above. Jimmy asked me for 50 of these, and I’m on track to have that many. The gizmo is designed so that someone can assemble it in about 5-10 minutes with a minimum of skills.

I would like to have someone volunteer to man this station. I’d be thrilled to sit down with them and show them how they go together. It’s literally a bit of sanding, 4 screws, 3 washers, and a dab of glue. Oh, and a smear or 2 of candle wax. It’s so easy, a caveman can do it! (My apologies to any Neanderthal-American makers out there reading this)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to give back to LMN, but not sure how, here’s something that will be a great way to do so. You can contact me by replying to this message and saying, “I’ll DO it!”, or by clicking on my name and sending me a message. I’m also on the front desk 5:30-8 PM Sunday evening. Stop by, and I’ll show you everything you need to know about this project.



I spoke with @RealCarlRaymond and it seems that he might be down! Hopefully the two of you will be able to connect over this!

Sadly the one weekend I can’t go. Will there be another this summer?

Likely not, but there will be other events!

I would like to through my hat in as a volunteer, maybe even the rest of me too.

Can non-members volunteer? I am new to the area but I’m interested in joining! The website seemed to suggest volunteering was a good way to start out.

Hey Anna! I was going to suggest filling out the volunteer application, but it looks like you’ve already done that! I’ll email you to schedule a Zoom meeting and we can talk about the event / what volunteering looks like.

Hi! I don’t know if volunteers have been assigned stations yet but I’d like to be able to go over my station with whoever will be volunteering with me before Saturday if possible!

I would like to second this. Having more of an idea of what we will be doing is better than knowing to just show up.