Call for Volunteers! Desk removal in new space!

Hey everyone!

The time has come to prep the new space! This weekend I’ll be heading over to the new space to disassemble the desks. It would be amazing if there were folks available to help out.

When: 12:00pm - 5:00pm , Saturday and Sunday (July 31 & Aug 1) I’ll stay longer if there is still energy to keep going.

We will need people to do both lugging the desks up into storage and taking apart the pieces. If you can bring a battery powered drill with bits (I’ll bring the 2 I have).

If you can’t help this weekend but still want to give a hand, stay tuned because there are plenty more opportunities coming. Such as potentially painting, and cleaning next weekend!

Also if you know you’ll be there for sure let me know here.

Or if there’s a better time, let me know I’ll go earlier or stay later!

So what would be your recommended tools list for maximum out come.

Drill/driver with Phillips bit (but who knows we might run into hidden screws)

maybe small thin pry bar

Mallet and hammer

I haven’t tried taking them apart yet, so we’ll be playing it by ear a bit.

I’m opening the old space on Sunday, but can come by Saturday to help out for a while.

I’ll be there at noon on Saturday with a couple of drills and some assorted bits. Looking forward to finally seeing the new space!!


Do you still need people on Saturday? I can operate a drill but I am not super useful in the lugging furniture department. If you are good on help this weekend, I’ll stay tuned for the painting and cleaning next weekend!

I think we’ll need lifters more than anything, so stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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Hey all, desks have been removed! So much got done that we don’t need to be in on Sunday!

Thank-you Lou, Randy, Bobby, Tony, and Matt!!