Call for Station Proposals: How-to Holiday (due Oct 9)

Hey all!


Here is the skinny:

On Sunday, November 12th we will be continuing our annual “How-to Holiday” event.

This is primarily a fundraising event. For those unfamiliar, tickets are sold per-station, at $20 each station. Generally, we have around 6-8 stations each. Stations will be “Make-and-take” style, so participants will walk away with something they had a hand in creating.

Past stations have included metal ornaments, glassware etching, copper medalians, laser cut robots, and more. Participants should feel that they are walking away with something cool, though again, this is a fundraising event. The cost or quality of the material involved may not necessarily reflect the cost of entry, as we are trying to create margins to help keep the space running.

Station leads should plan for at least 50 guests to participate in their station over a period of 6 hours. Please keep this in mind when considering time-to-make and how many guests can participate simultaneously. Up to $250 may be spent on materials for a station. Expect to have 1-2 volunteers to assist you with your station.


Please email me at OR message me on the talk site with the following information by Oct 9th:

  • Short description of your make-and-take station idea (ideally with a holiday/gift theme)
  • List of tools required
  • List of tools you will be able to provide
  • List of materials required, with quantities and total cost
  • Links to where materials may be purchased online

Proposals will be considered by the staff and area managers and chosen on Oct 10th.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

And let’s get this makerspace :money_with_wings: some :money_mouth_face: money :moneybag: !!

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I will plan to do have something ready for it. I’m not sure what we’ll be making at my station yet.


Hello all.

Planning is coming together for this event. I have a number of stations that are prepped but will need someone to run them on the day. Please let me know if there is one of these that you are willing to work!

Laser Cut Snowflakes: Needs a volunteer.
Do Nothing Grinder: Needs a Volunteer
Penny Press: Needs a Volunteer

Photographer: Walk around and take nice pictures of cool folks making stuff.

Rovers (Need at least 3): Walk around, helping visitors, give tours, and filli in at stations as needed.

Other stations:
String Art: Charlie
Copper Gift Tags: Heather
Pint Ice Cream Cozy: Evelyn
Wooden Speaker: Prep by Tony. Run by Ryan G.
Cup Etching: Prep by Lex. Run By Brian B.

This event is a fundraiser for the space and the more help we have, the more successful we will be.
Thanks all!