Call for photo models

Something we all know is that LMN is the best thing anywhere, but somehow not all of Lansing knows that yet. To help with that, we’re putting together a promotional mailer that we will be experimenting with in the coming months, and if it is successful, it will become an ongoing campaign. We’ll be sending this to neighborhoods within 10 miles of the shop (not everywhere all at once, but deliberately to selected areas). The goal is to get people in the door (new members, class registrations, and donations).

This is a call for photo models to appear on it. We need close-up shots of a single person working intently on something. Sawing wood; turning a bowl; sewing a quilt on that big quilt-sewing machine; cutting a diamond with a jeweler’s loupe in your eye. If you can stick your tongue out of the corner of your mouth at the right angle, so much the better. We also need shots with people looking right into the lens, with the confident, contented expression that comes from being in the shop, and making something tangible. They will be posed, but real. We want to communicate the message “If you were here, you would feel this way, too.”

Anyone is welcome. Do you think you are too young? Too old? Too tall? You are not.

Also, an actual photographer would be a useful thing. I have a camera, but that just makes me some guy with a camera. It will take me 10 times as long to get one eighth the result. (We checked this a while back.)

You have to be willing to show up in your neighbor’s mailbox unexpectedly. You’ll need to sign LMN’s photo release to give us permission to use it. There will be no payment or other compensation other than our gratitude. Of course we will respect your wishes, and not use any photo you are not comfortable with us using. These will only be used to promote LMN in positive, wholesome ways, and not for any unrelated purpose.

If you’re interested, let me know. Once we get the talent figured out, we’ll set a date to do some photos.


I’ll be a photo model if you want.

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I’d be a photo model too. Sounds fun

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I can be a photo model, just let me know where to be when.

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