Call for Johnson Workbench expo volunteers

Hi all!
We’ve been given last minute space at the Johnson Workbench Expo in a week!
Here’s a several page pdf showing some of their details
It’s Friday September 8th: 9am-5pm and Saturday 9th:9am-4pm

Please, I need volunteers to sit at a table and represent our space. I’ll be getting details soon about how big that space is, if we’ll have power, etc

@Tony has volunteered to help on Friday. Who is available for time on Saturday? @laura_rogers and @cafwood , do you guys have any suggestions?

I look forward to hearing from y’all!


It would be great to have more than one person there at a time. We may have expertise in different areas of the space, or one might be able to go see a particular demonstration without leaving the table unattended, or just maintain coverage during lunch or bathroom breaks.


I will be going there on Friday anyway and could help at the very start for a couple of hours.

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Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity to get the word out about LMN and we could potentially pick up a few new members!
I think there should be at least two people the table at all times, if possible. We will need some posters, pictures, etc. and lots of cards and brochures to pass out. Everyone there will have an interest in making and this event is always well attended.
I will volunteer for a three-hour time slot on Friday and another three or so hours on Saturday whenever needed.
We should meet sometime ASAP to make some plans.


I’ll be out of town tomorrow thru Tuesday or Wednesday. Can we meet at the space Wednesday evening to go over what we can bring, show, or talk about? I took some pictures of the space today, and hope to have a slide show on my laptop. There are other things we can bring to show off what we can offer.

Here’s an email update from Johnson’s:
Good Afternoon Evelyn,

We are happy to be hosting your organization at Wood Expo 2023. A few quick details; the event is taking place September 8th (from 8am -4pm) and 9th (from 8am -3pm). We will have a 6 foot table set up for you under an awning along our warehouse #2 - see image below.

You are welcome to bring your items down at any point on Thursday September 7th, if you would like to arrive on Friday we ask that set-up occur around 7am before crowds begin to form. It is recommended to enter on the east side of the property, off of N Sheldon St to access this location.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Connor Johnson

Hey all!
Let’s meet at LMN at 5pm on Wednesday. Does that work for everyone?

Hey @Lex , where is the Go Box?

I hope to be there in person Wednesday the 7th, but cant commit now. Ill send evelyn my comments and questions, so those can be at least be known.

@Jimmy Do you have any volunteers that would be interested in participating?

I volunteer, for the demo.

The box is in the office, labeled “Go-Box”.
It has table clothes, literature, and stickers.

There is a spare LMN sign behind the desk, and I’ve been bringing small demo items from the break room and the display case by the door to show finished items made in each location.

I will try to be there at 5PM on Wednesday, but my schedule is a little “iffy”
right now. I will try to be in contact somehow during the meeting.
@Lex the stuff you mentioned sounds great.
Do we need to worry about running out of brochures? Are they up-to-date with current membership fees? If not, someone could make stickers to cover the old prices.

They are indeed up to date and there should be plenty in there!

Can someone call my cell phone 517-282-0879 and put me on speaker phone?

Jerry and I can plan to be at the Workbench around 7am to set up. I can also pick up whatever we need to take from the makerspace tomorrow night.

@cafwood here’s a picture where the go box is in the break room
Please grab this and the stuff on top of it

@Tony will be bringing an Adirondack chair in his truck

@jfahner can you fit an Adirondack chair in your vehicle at the event end in Saturday?

If not, @Tony can take it home from the event on Friday

Yes, and Tony knows that.

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What is our plan for Saturday? I am available. I noticed some information is now gone and the image above is no longer appearing

Edit ope I see the second thread will continue there

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