Call for classes and instructors for April - June scheduling

Hey members,

Its time for us to put together the schedule for our April - June classes. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of teaching a class at the makerspace, we’d love to work with you!

A quick synopsis of our current “scheme” for classes:

We’re doing two levels of classes:

Single Session (3-4 hours) “Taster” classes

  • Designed to be low-to-no prior experience required.
  • Should end with a “take home” product from the class of some sort
  • Can both serve as an “experience” for those looking for something to try, or a “toe-in-the-water” for someone thinking of taking up a hobby/skill more seriously.
  • “I never took shop class.” (Well, here you go!)
  • Priced generally at $65/non-member $55/member

Multi-Week (5 week, 3-4hours/week) Skills classes

  • Skills focused
  • Larger projects or multiple projects that work together to build skills.
  • Intended for those looking to expand their more “serious” hobby/craft
  • Priced at $325/non-member (Discount varies for members depending on material costs)

Other formats are welcome, but these are what are working for us now. 2-day classes (consecutive) could be an option for those that aren’t looking to commit to multiple weeks.

We try to shoot for ~6 seat classes to make sure that we can give personal instruction and that we have enough students to make it worth the instructor’s time.

Why teach a class?

  • It’s really rewarding! People consistently love our classes and love working with their hands!
  • It supports the areas Class revenue funds upgrades to areas and lets us buy cool new tools that everyone loves to work with.
  • You love to make things You love what you do and our students love seeing how much you love it.
  • You want to pay less for membership Your hours teaching classes count toward volunteer membership hours. For every 10 hours, you can qualify for a $35 membership.

I don’t want to teach a class, but I want to help. How do I do that?

You can TA for one of our classes. Send a message to @brian.adams for woodworking and electronics classes and @Clifford_Bohm for blacksmithing classes. TA slots aren’t always available, but we’ll try to work you into the rotation.

I have questions!

Ask away! We’re here to help!!