Build a Break Room Bookshelf

howdy fellow fabricators

We want a bookshelf for the ever-cozier break room. @laura_rogers has been cool enough to bring in a nice comfy chair and unpack all of our books. Now we need nice looking storage to tie it all together (and finally free up the woodshop rolling table that all the books are on currently…)

The task is to design and build according to specifications. Here are the specs:

  • 48" Wide
  • 84" Tall
  • “Painted a fun color” (maybe this can be a tag-team task for a builder and a painter?)

Let me know if you wanna take this on, and I’ll help you get the materials you need.

For inspiration, here are some photos provided by Laura:


I’m interested in taking this on, but would like some help. The plywood sheets available for this are full size 4x8 feet, 3/4" thick.

Anyone interested in helping with this?

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I’d love to help-- I dont have a lot of fabrication experience but I’d love to learn. I could also do the painting (and would love to do so) but if someone else is itching to do that part they can or we can both do it.

@Tony I have a subaru forrester-- if we could get the planks cut in half at whatever place we get them from, i believe i could help! Ill measure the car in the morning to make sure it would fit. Just let me know!


I’ve been thinking about this project. Laura, are you open to going in a little different direction on these shelves? I saw these (which I edited together to this collage) and thought it fit the vibe of the space. It might mean we rearrange some of the shelving, tables, TV, etc in the break room, but I think it’s doable.

What are your thoughts?


Really in favor of the general vibe of this. Really cool idea.

I’m happy to help with this Tony! And I love this idea! Let’s make it happen :smiley:

Great! I’ll draw up some plans to build from, and post them.

I’m volunteering for the 3:30-6:30 shift this Friday. If you’re in then, stop and say hello, and we can start talking about a work schedule to begin building. Otherwise, I’ll post something here about when I will be in to work on this, and we’ll see when we can get together.

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One other thing - Sydney mentioned above about helping haul material. There is some plywood in the back area behind the big green press. Jimmy says this is available to us. I don’t think we’ll need to get much more material other than what’s there, except maybe some light masonite or plywood for the back. I have a truck to carry that as well, so we should be covered one way or another.

Sounds good to me! @sydney feel free to join if you want to talk paint :slight_smile:

Hi Tony,
I’d like to help if I can… maybe I’ll see you Friday.

See you tomorrow, Lou.

Here are the rough plans I’ve developed. (I REALLY need to learn some CAD software). I think there are 5 sheets of pre-finished 3/4" plywood already in the space. This project would require 4 of them. Also, it would need 3 sheets of 1/4" plywood or Masonite or the equivalent for backing. I’ll work up some options and pricing, and make them available to the board for review.

This looks really good Tony- and easy to adapt if we need to change anything for unforeseen reasons. I am very excited!

Thanks, Laura!

I hear I just missed you on Friday. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on my shift time. I’m there Fridays from 3:30-6:30 PM. I can usually meet you at other times, if we set that up ahead of time.

I’ve tried a preliminary layout of the bookcases on the north wall of the break room. There is room to do them at 72" tall, but just barely. There will be about 12" between each bookcase, and they would likely block off one or 2 of the outlets on that wall. I’m going to try a version of them at 60" tall and see if that works better. Or maybe we ask some of the electricians in the space to move an outlet a few inches. I think that’s a last resort, however. I want to explore easier options first.

How’s about just position the shelves where you’d like and if they block the outlet, just make a cutout in the back of the cabinet for access.

Anyone who’s interested in helping with the book case project is invited to come to the volunteers meeting on Saturday, March 26. We can spend a few minutes talking about it, and making plans for this effort.

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I made a mockup of one section of shelf today to test some of the angles and joints, using scrap wood. Its a little flimsy, but i think the concept is workable.

If anyone wants to help build this, lets talk on the evening of Saturday March 26, at the space force shindig.


I will be in the Space Friday afternoon at 1 PM to work on this. Anyone want to come by and help?

I will probably stop by today sometime as well, but I can’t say when exactly yet. Message me if you’ve got a yen to make sawdust.

I can be there shortly after 4 on friday

Mike, my volunteer shift is 3:30-6:30 that day, but there are a lot of things to be done here. I think you’ll have your choice of things to work on Friday.

Im running a bit late, I should be there by 6:30