Break room door issue

Good morning. The kick plate added to the break room door has come off. I wasn’t sure if there were more of the anchor screws that were originally holding it on anywhere. I am happy to try to reattach it if someone knows if there are more of the screws available somewhere.

Hmmm. I was wondering how long it would last… We may need an adhesive solution at this point. The door is basically cardboard. :grin:

If the problem is the door can’t hold the plate, because the door is too weak, then maybe the strengthening or replacement of the door should be considered.

I glued and screwed a wood panel on this door yesterday. Lets see how long it lasts.

During the duration of ‘temporarily repaired’, we might think about designs for a new and improved door.

I would like to tackle the project of building custom doors to get practice in the wood shop. I am open to suggestions for door design and choice of wood.

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