Bottle cutting help needed

Is anyone pretty well versed at bottle cutting to make drinking glasses? I have tried a few times at home and have had no success. Can score them OK, but have not successfully done a clean cut/break. Have tried all of the youtube tutorials and still no success. Looking for someone who has had success doing this that is willing to help or chaperone the process with me.

I’m tagging on because I’ve been having the same issue. The only way I’ve been able to get the bottles to break at all was using a torch at the cut line and then cold water, but I’ve not once gotten a clean break.

Anyone here have success?

Back when i was a kid in the stone age, we had a kit for doing this. The tool for breaking the glass was made of heavy wire that was inserted inside the bottle to tap at the score line. The business end had a loop on it to give it a bit more mass when striking, and the loop was bent 90 degrees from the rest of the wire. A small square of wood was fastened to the vertical part with an adjustable screw clamp. This served as both a depth adjustment and pivot.

Ill try to find a picture or link.

Look at the images on this item listed for sale. The gizmo I remember was similar to the one at the bottom, in the last image.

I don’t a huge amount about glass cutting, but I am aware that if there is a time delay between scoring and snapping, the unfortunate shatter or mis-snap is enhanced.