Board of Directors Meeting 22-Jan-2020 @ 7:00pm

Friendly reminder of tomorrow’s 7:00-9:00pm board meeting. Agenda is included below and @BoardMembers should also have a Lucid Meetings email with a link to the meeting (if you’ve received an invite to the meeting, please do consider clicking the RSVP so that I know folks have seen the agenda/documents. :slight_smile: ) Any updates to agenda items will be updated in Lucid, and I’ll try to update them here as well, but no promises, so board members, please check Lucid for the most up to date version.

As always, guests are welcome. There is a new feature of this agenda in the form of an Executive Session were we’ll be asking non-Board Members to step out… just so no one’s super surprised by that.

2020-01 Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Regular Lansing Makers Network Board Meeting

Desired Outcomes:

Updates for the Board, policy and committee approvals, discussion of next steps for space search.

Agenda Items

1.0 Call to Order

Welcome and call meeting to order.

Duration: 5 minutes

1.1 Approval of Agenda

Agenda approval


Approve agenda as submitted.

1.2 Approval of Previous Minutes


Approval of previous minutes.

2.0 Executive Director Reports

  • 2019 Financial Statements
    • $51,438 revenue, $41,114 expenses, netting $10,324
    • Reports are tentative until reconciled and set to Hude for 990 completion.
  • 2019 Demographic Reports
    • 121 Members (+17), 114 Seen Members (+19)
    • 42 classes, 191 registrations. 138 individuals
  • Appointment of James Coyer to Community Manager volunteer staff positon
    • Responsible for engaging the comunity in online modes (talk, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
    • Ensuring that questions on each platform are timely answered or assigned to those who can answer.
    • Creating topical and general interest posts, 2-5 per week.
    • Continuing to act at Shift Supervisor as part of the rotation.

Duration: 20 minutes


3.0 Discussion Items

  • Current Board Memberships
    • Who and what are current terms.
  • Call for nominations to membership for member representative.
  • Nominations for board positions.
  • Election at Feb-2020 BOD Meeting

4.0 Action Items

  • Sale of Small Kiln to J. Barber for $150.
  • Establish LMN “Gift Shop”
    • Selling items for member convenience
    • Also remove from stock items that are often “abused” expendables.
  • 2020-2022 Budget Proposal
    • Revenue
      • Modest Increase in Membership Dues, Class Registrations
      • Patronicity campaign to support build out.
      • Adding Youth Programming, Grant Funding, Incubator Space/Tenancy
    • Expenses
      • See Notes in document.

Duration: 30 minutes


Approve sale of small kiln to J. Barber for $150.


Approve establishment of LMN “Gift Shop” for items of member convenience.


5.0 Executive Session

Executive session to discuss sensitive member matters.

Note for Guests: Those who are not members of the Board of Directors will be asked to leave the room during the executive session.


Adjourn to Executive Session

6.0 Adjournment

Adjourn meeting


Motion to adjourn