Board meeting this Wednesday at 7 pm, members welcome!

Ahoy! Our next regularly-scheduled board meeting is this Wednesday, February 22 on Zoom. If you’d like to spectate, you can join at the link below at 7:00 pm and watch. At around 8:00 pm, we will host a member’s discourse where you can share any comments or ask questions you may have.

If you can’t attend the meeting, feel free to comment on this thread and I’ll pass along any comments or questions you have. I hope to see some of you this Wednesday!


  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of previous minutes
  • Executive report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Secretary’s report
  • Committee updates
  • Member-led discourse
  • Schedule the next board meeting
  • Public board meeting adjourns
  • Executive session

Zoom Details

Topic: LMN Board Meeting on Zoom
Time: Feb 22, 2023 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Meeting ID: 926 2280 3913
Passcode: LMN

Board meeting

I am traveling internationally this week so while i hope to be in the board meeting zoom i can not guarantee a good internet connection. So here is my topic that i want to talk about:

Every organization has lots of smaller inefficiencies and issues that need attn or overhauled, and the LMN is no different. However I believe there are two big things that the board can address that would lead to better changes all the way Down the origination. The biggest and easiest to fix of those is MissIon Creep. A old phrase holds true in any organization “you can’t serve two masters”. If you were to ask 10 LMN volunteers what Makers is and you will get 4-6 answers (i know because i did this). What i am asking the board for is Clarity of mission. Yes, Makers can achieve let’s of goals, and yes lots of smaller projects can be done, but without the clarity of a primary mission to lead the space it will only cause confusion and continue to disrupt easily completed tasks.

Is Makers an educational organization that serves the community? Is it a space meant to share tools and give people access to equipment they can’t afford on their own? What is our measurement of success? (Total members, new members, class attendance, etc).

With clarity and communication on any one of these i believe that Makers is poised to explode in both growth and successful community involvement.