Board meeting on Wednesday, February 28

Hello! We’re hosting an in-person board meeting this Wednesday (February 28) at 7:00 pm and you’re welcome to join! We have a special portion dedicated to member-led discourse where you can chat with the broad, share ideas, raise concerns, and ask questions. Come on down!

If you’re unable to join and would like to bring anything up, drop a comment on this post and I’ll both bring it up for you and follow up with you afterwards. :grin:


  • Approval of agenda
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Secretary’s report
  • Executive report
  • Committee updates
  • Member-led discourse
  • Schedule the next board meeting
  • Public board meeting adjourns
  • Executive session

Location Details

Topic: LMN Board Meeting
Time: February 28, 2024 at 7:00 PM Eastern
Location: 2730 Alpha Access St. Lansing, MI 48910

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Lansing Makers Network

Board of Directors
Regular Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2024, 7:00 pm at 2730 Alpha Access

Present: Erik Gillespie (Secretary), Jody Applegate (Treasurer), Brian Adams (President), Carl Raymond, Jerry Jodloski, Joe Zimmerman

Absent: Charlie Finkel

Spectators: Jerry, Lex

Minutes: Erik Gillespie

Meeting called to order: 7:04 pm

1. Approval of agenda

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as Submitted. [Erik, ]

RESULT: Approved by unanimous consent

2. Treasurer’s report

Link to 2024-01 Treasurer’s Report

Link to 2024-02 (partial) Treasurer’s Report

  • There are $1,000 remaining in loan repayment to Charlie and Jody will pay that out before the next board meeting.
  • The February income includes the Astronomy on Tap sales.
  • We need classes to be scheduled to allow people time to sign up.
  • The 2024 budget is still in progress and Brian plans to schedule a working session to

3. Secretary’s report

  • This is Erik’s last official report as board secretary but will help the next secretary get up to speed. Documentation would be helpful.
  • There are six Board Members applications. Please review them to come up with questions for applicants that can fit in a 15-minute Zoom meeting (with 3 board members present: Joe, Brian, and Charlie with Jerry as a backup). Before the Zoom we will ask them to visit our space during open hours to learn about us before the interview. After these interviews, the interviewers will schedule a special board meeting to discuss the interviews and consider which candidates are desired for further consideration.
  • We have member representative positions available for board meetings as well.

4. Executive report

  • We have hosted a lot of events recently and memberships are on the rise as well.
  • Classes are nearly full and we need more so please contact Brian if you have ideas or would like to teach some.
  • Evelyn offered to fill in the volunteer coordinator position temporarily.
  • Brian would like to try incorporating a paid hourly position into the budget.
  • Carl and Brian are planning to develop the draft budget.
  • Brian is on the lookout for a replacement for Eventbrite to avoid fees and have more control over how we market our events.
  • Brian has an upcoming consultation with a creator of Dittofeed to help us with marketing automation.
  • We need a home on the web for non-class events that isn’t Facebook because we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from attendees that they’re not on Facebook much.
  • Carl recommends we ask for their zip code when people come into the space, like an optional spot on the liability waiver or class feedback form.
  • Brian’s spouse is interviewing for an out-of-state position. There’s a possibility they may relocate.
  • Our anniversary is on Pi Day (March 14) and we’re hoping to throw a BYOB celebration.

5. New Board Secretary

  • The Board Secretary position is required for the State of Michigan.
  • Some of Erik’s main responsibilities include writing minutes (and getting approval and posting to members), schedule keeping, the Michigan annual report, and the Board Member survey and Conflict of Interest.

6. Committee updates

  • Strategic Planning Committee (Brian, Carl, Charlie)
    • No updates.
  • Fundraising Committee (Carl, Erik, Joe, Maria, Mike)
    • Link to Fundraising Committee Meeting Minutes
    • No updates.

7. Member-led discourse

  • Lex said we saw 120 people at Astronomy on Tap.
  • Jerry wonders why non-members are interested in becoming board members.
    • We don’t necessarily want the board to overlap completely with the membership.
    • Board members bring separate skills like marketing, fundraising, and community connections.
  • Jerry wants print-out materials. We have some to give him.
  • Jerry is wondering about the status of the newsletter and updates to the website.
    • Brian hasn’t finished the newsletter yet.
    • We don’t have anyone dedicated to updating the website and Carl proposed we host a web-updating party to knock out many changes quickly.
    • Jerry will come up with a list of changes he would like to see.
  • Lex shared that we’re hosting another Makerspace Marketplace on May 25th and we have fliers to hand out. Booths are available for rent to non-members for $25.
  • Lex thinks a sign on the road would improve traffic and visibility in our space.

8. Schedule the next board meeting

Next board meeting: Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 7:00 pm

9. Public board meeting adjourns

MOTION: Adjourn the board meeting and move into the executive session. [Joe, Jody]

RESULT: Approved by unanimous consent.

10. Executive session

  • None