Board Game Night?

Hi Everyone!

Would there be any interest in doing a board game night? I have a few good games to share and would love to learn some new ones as well! Maybe we tack on a light snack potluck?

Let me know!


Sounds fun! And snacks :drooling_face:

I have an oversized pandemic board which is great for groups (but it’s a disease themed game :man_shrugging:t2:)

Then we would all have to wear masks - I would suggest those of the Lone Ranger variety.

This is totally my jam and wow I would really like to meet y’all in person! I could really go for a night out and I have literally hundreds of games I could contribute. I’ll see what maker-themed games I have on my shelves.


Awesome! Yeah I have a bunch too! As far as dates go, Im packed until March. Would that first weekend of March, the 4th or 5th work for people?

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A Board Game Night might also be the perfect place to play test games that people have come up with.

I like this idea! i’ll plan to attend occasionally if one gets started!
My contribution will be terraforming mars, however learning that game might be a full-session. It’s quite involved!
I don’t have secret hitler, but that’s also a favorite of mine at board game nights

ABSOLUTELY. I’ve been yearning for a regular board game night. I’m flexible on the dates. March sounds good. Any Boss Monster fans out there?

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Always wanted to learn terraforming mars, and yes I love boss monster!

Following! I’d love to see what happens!

The most thematically appropriate games I own for this are Patchwork (2 players) and Quirky Circuits (2-4 players). I also have The Crew and The Crew: Mission Deep Sea — usually hits for anyone who likes euchre or wants to keep it cooperative.

I have these games that can accommodate a lot of players as well:

  • Shadow Hunters (up to 8 players)
  • A Battle of Wits (2-10 players)
  • A Fake Artist Goes to New York, (5-10 players)
  • Cartographers (up to 100 players)
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Hey Eveyone!

I made a calendar poll for what day we should do board game night, vote here:



The poll won’t work for me. I would go for the Saturdays.

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  • Saturday the 4th of March 5pm
  • Sunday the 5th of March 5pm
  • Saturday the 11th of March 5pm
  • Sunday the 12th of March 5pm

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Maybe this will work?

FYI GaryB, there is a board game designers group that meets to playtest games regularly in Lansing, I haven’t been in a while, but when I went, the people were very friendly and had good feedback.

I wonder if a game night during the super bowl would make sense? We could even setup a projector in the opens space if people wanted to setup tables