Blacksmithing volunteers for Detroit Makers Fair

Blacksmithing volunteers for Detroit Makers Fair
(DMF) July 28th and 29th.
Shout out to all Smith’s please let me know if you can work so we can get your names into DMF by Monday June 18th
Cliff will not be attending due a conflict.
Bobby Adams

Hey @bjadms8 I yanked your email and phone out of there since this is a public post and I don’t want you to be inundated with spam. :slight_smile:

Replies here will go to Bobby’s email, so reply here to help. (Or send a PM if you need to be all secretive about it :slight_smile: )

Also @Charles.Little @Alex @stephanie-v @JeremyL to make sure the smiths I know about see this.

Sorry I tried to reply but apparently the message didn’t send. Is it to late to sign up?

I will defiantly be attending if it isn’t too late.

That is great. I am sure that if we can get a few others to help with the Blacksmith equipment we will find space for it. As it has been always been a crowd favorite.

I haven’t heard anything else about this. Is this still on? Is the LMN going as a group and this just a topic about the Blacksmithing portion of the space?

Yes, LMN is going as a group. Our typical plan is to leave Friday afternoon to setup at Henry Ford. We have our traditional large Mega Games to bring. If there is enough Blacksmiths persons we can also pack that up and haul to. I am sure we will find space at Maker Faire.

I am still hoping for more smiths to step up. Would like to get together and plan the demos. Last year Cliff did demos of hooks, bottle openers, spooms and forks. We could not offer for sale but could ask for a donation to keep forge running.

Okay. That all sounds good. I think a leaf would be good too. I will ask for that saturday off if we can confirm a few more smiths. will we need to pay to get in or have some sort of ex. badge?


Through our association with LMN if same as last year access is provided.

Let me know when can get together to go over demos and scheduling of demos’

Also have a couple of sessions together to rehearse (practices) the demos.

I head a saying that makes sense “Never perform in public that which you have not rehearse (practices) in private”

I am going see if I reserve a room near to stay over night so I don’t have to drive back and forth.


I am afraid I won’t be able to make it. My wife sprang a trip on me at the last minute. I’m sorry, but sometimes spousal duties conflict with blacksmithing, and she knows where I sleep at night. I’m also nursing a back injury, so smithing is not the best idea.

Best of luck to all at the fair.

That is unfortunate you would had a great time with demo and seeing fellow craft persons work.

So for anyone else that would like to help with blacksmithing demo booth please chim in. Would like to meet and go over planing for the event.

I don’t do blacksmithing, but I’d like to check out the maker faire. Do you need other volunteers?

This is shout-out to all the blacksmith of LMN.
Since we will not have a forge at the Detroit Makers Faire we will have a table with some of our Wares to display and request and the donations for our Wares. Please consider bringing in some items that you would like to donate that we could raise some funds from from those donations to keep the forge burning