Blacksmithing event associated with Lansing Lug Nuts


Brian suggested I touch base with you on an up coming event associated with Lansing Lug Nuts. Let me know the best time to come were you are to get the details.

Will do. Just need to get some details sorted out this evening and will have more info. I’ll DM you!

I fully understand you have a lot on your plate and much thanks for all you do.
Thank you

Just following up. I’m still waiting to hear when and where we will be on which nights. I may be incorrect, but it looks like there is a scheduling conflict on Saturday night. So as far as I know I will be at Lansing Eastside Festival on Friday night and Satruday. And then maybe at the Lugnuts game on Saturday night (starting at or near 7 PM). But I have not gotten a confirmation if / when we will move from the festival to lug nuts. But I do know that I will be at events with forge and anvil on Friday night (the 27th) and Saturday (the 28th) all day.

If I have this wrong, please let me know!

Yeah, not trying to post any scheduling details publicly right now. Still trying to sort things out, but hopefully will know what’s up by this evening. Will update people involved at that point.