Blacksmith Checkout

Hey I’m new to the site. I went on the tour of this facility and wanted to know if anyone was available to check me out so I can use the forge
If so what dates. I’m available the 26th 27th and the first few days of December.
Anything past that I’m willing to mark on the calendar.
Thank you.

I also made a topic for this, didn’t see this one, if anyone volunteers and doesn’t mind a tag along I would appreciate it.

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Are you a registered member of Lansing Makers Network if so we have an holiday ornament class in the blacksmithing area Saturday 27th 10Am-1PM. We can meet after class and talk about the smithy and do a checkout.

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Thankyou. I will stop by on the 27th by 1pm. And register for membership there if that is okay?

There should be someone at the front to get you registered as LMN member. See you after class you can certainly come back to see the class.

Completed Forge checkout 11/28/2021 with Angus

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