Blacksmith and welding update

I wanted to update everyone on the blacksmithing and welding area. The paint hood was removed last week and last night we power washed the floor and walls. Big thank you to Bobby and Michael! I’m working with Jimmy to get painting to happen, so it’s still going to be a week or two before we get the area set up, depending on how much painting we decide is needed and when we can schedule painting.

Here is what the space looks like now:

I am available this weekend to help with painting. I can bring in extensions and an 18 inch roller

I have a small Wagner paint sprayer that works decently well for painting a large area quickly. I’d be happy to help paint.

We’ll be getting together on Saturday starting at 2PM to paint. The plan is just to paint the back wall, so it should not be too much work. Let me know here if you are planing to be there.

I will be there. Is this 20 characters yet

@Clifford_Bohm Any updates on when the welder will be ready to use? I am itching to start a project that requires some welding. Thanks

The area is almost setup. We just need to chain the argon/CO2 tank to the wall and tidy up a bit. Everything will be good to go by This weekend.


The new setup looks great! I would love to join the welder checkout when it is scheduled.