Beta Class on Bookbinding

I’m looking to put together a “beta” class on bookbinding to work out the kinks and confirm that I can run a class that follows the reputation we’ve earned so for with all our classes.

It’ll be a stitched binding with a case bound cover. Pic included below of one of my last test books. (Covers won’t be embossed for the class, and will be cloth instead of leather).

It’ll probably be a Friday night for a couple of hours and then Saturday morning to finish things up. (Glue drying is a time suck). Cost would only be cost of materials and we’d expect honest, quality feedback in return. (Estimate is probably 20-25$. Maybe less)

I’m looking for interested folks, and then I can work to figure out a day to schedule it. Hit me up if you’re interested.

I think I can scrounge up about $20-25 for this class. :slight_smile:

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I would like to take the beta class!

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I am interested in this class!

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Gina and I are interested. Our interest is more toward rebinding but any intro class would be a step in the right direction.