Bennett Woods Science Night

Bennett Woods Elementary School in Okemos is having their annual Science Night this year on Thursday, Feb. 22. They’re asking for our help in running a take-apart clinic again. This consists of giving the kids some screwdrivers and putting some old junk in front of them, and helping them to take it apart. We need at least two, and preferably three people to run that. It’s straightforward: keep the kids in safety glasses, put out fresh material when the old stuff has been reduced to rubble, mediate disputes, answer questions. Important: collect the safety glasses when they leave the table. At the end of the night, we sort the stuff into different bins, and the school will properly recycle it.

We can bring what we have around the shop that needs disposing, but I don’t think we have too much anymore. The school will have to supply the bulk of it.

I’d love to get a couple of volunteers to help me with this. It’s a short event – something like 6:00pm - 8:00pm, but I’ll have to confirm that.

If somebody wants to bring a 3D printer and demonstrate that, they’d love it. And I’ll happily pass along any other ideas appropriate for older elementary kids.

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@RealCarlRaymond, do we need volunteers to assist you or are you not participating? (Your wording above is confusing me as to what is need: “We need at least two, and preferably three people to run that” and “I’d love to get a couple of volunteers to help me with this”) If you need the former, Melody and I might be available.

Assuming we’re assisting rather than leading here and that we can make it, what time would you want to meet where?

@conejita42, have we got the free time in our schedule to do this?

@RayKurtis - Since our show at LCC would be up and running by that point, yes, we are available.

I’m planning to participate myself. Sorry for being unclear. Thanks for volunteering!

Still open for other ideas anyone might want to suggest.

Big thanks to @RealCarlRaymond @conejita42 and @RayKurtis for volunteering to do this tonight! It sounds like it was a success!

Thanks for helping show off our awesomeness in the community!

Some pics from the evening

I would have taken more, but we we’re so busy. The kids actually enjoyed themselves while learning something and the parents were happy and very engaged. Definitely a successful outing for LMN.:grinning:

I’ll add in that it was a lot of fun for us too. The time flew by and I was actually disappointed we were done when it was time to wrap up. The kids were all pretty excited and were very easy to deal with. The most “difficult” part of the event seemed to be reminding the kids to wear their safety glasses.

Thanks for posting the ask to begin with @RealCarlRaymond! :smiley:

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