Being Cleared to Use Machines

Hi there! I’m interested in getting open hours membership month-to-month and I am so happy that this affordable option exists as I have wanted to be a member for years.

I am interested in being cleared to use the jewelry-making equipment. I have some experience (about a year) from a high school jewelry class that I took. We soldered and used heavy machinery but I’m honestly not sure of the names of the machines–it has been several years since then.

I’d be interested in taking a class or otherwise getting a refresher so I can use this equipment to get back into making jewelry, which I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have access to the right tools!

I may also be interested in using other equipment in the future: the laser cutter, 3D printer (I do design work), fiber equipment, and basic woodworking tools… but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I saw that I should post here to get the process started, so I hope that info is helpful! I look forward to hearing back from you all.



@jody can you get with Kayleigh to schedule some checkouts?


Hi. I’m Jody the Jewelry area manager. I can get you checked out on our tools. You mentioned soldering so lets start with the torch and move from there.

I can do a checkout on Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon or next Thursday. What would be good for you?

After we schedule it I will open it up to anyone else that would like to check out on the torch.


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Hi Jody, I won’t have time to utilize membership until May as I am currently working full time and in grad school full time. When my classes stop I will be more available. Should I still be cleared sooner? Thanks!

Hello, i’d love a soldering class for jewelry and metal art. Willing to pay for private lessons too