Be A Tourist in Your Own Town at LMN


Edit: Brian told me I forgot to @members. My apologies.

This is a notice and a call for volunteers.

On Saturday LMN will be part of Be Tourist in Your Own Town. Last year’s BATYOT was great. We hosted 40-50+ people and hope to have more this year. We are looking for some volunteers who have a few spare hours between 10am-5pm to help out with the event. We are off the beaten bath so the people who do come for a tour are definitely interested. It’s a fun time and there will be pizza.

We’ll need volunteers to:

  • Show our guests around and tell people about our awesome space.
  • Making freebies for our guests on the laser cutter.
  • Show off something cool you made or demonstrating how you made it.
  • Join the blacksmithing demonstration outside.

Just a heads-up. As always for these kind of events, we’ll need to keep the volume down during the event.

The BATYOT website:

The attractions list:

Thanks much!
Jody Applegate

Who is doing the blacksmithing and would they someone help?

Looks like just Alex and maybe Stephanie.

Sorry I can’t make it, in Grand Rapids for the day. If we get back in time I’ll stop by to help.

@jody - Depending on when my MIL and her boyfriend go to the Liederkranz’s Open House tomorrow, I can volunteer to come in and show people around. Plz let me know.

That would be great Melody. If you can give me a heads up when you can be there, great. Otherwise, just get there when you can.


I can volunteer from 10am to 11:30am and then from 3-5pm. Will that work?

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I will plan to be there for the day.

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I can stop by to help for a few hours.

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Pictures from this year’s Be a Tourist In Your Own Town - by Melody Teodoro-Kurtis

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