Be a Tourist in Your Own Town - 2019


This is a notice and a call for volunteers.

On Saturday LMN will be part of Be Tourist in Your Own Town. Last year’s BATYOT was great. We hosted 140 people and everyone had a great time. We are looking for some volunteers who have a few spare hours between 10am-5pm to help out with the event. We are off the beaten bath so the people who do come for a visit are definitely interested. It’s a fun time.

We’ll need volunteers to:

Greeting guests and stamping passports.
Show our guests around and tell people about our awesome space.
Making freebies for our guests on the laser cutter.
Show off something cool you made or demonstrating how you made it.
Join the blacksmithing demonstration outside.

Just a heads-up. As always for these kind of events, we’ll need to keep the volume down during the event.

Thanks so much!

I’ll be around to give tours and do some machine shop demos.

I’ll be demoing Blacksmithing outside (weather permitting).

I’ll be around to give tours and stamp passports, as well.