Bandsaw use and misuse

I don’t know if it’s a few people or more widespread, but is is clear to me over the years that there are people who use the woodshop bandsaws without adequately understanding how to adjust the guides or tension. If it seems to you you may be in this category, and you are not getting good easy cuts on the bandsaw, please ask for help. I have had to fix or adjust these saws too many times for the time I have available to volunteer.

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I’ve done a couple of checkouts on the bandsaws recently. Is there something I need to add to what I tell people? I have mentioned that people should not make adjustments, but notify someone if the saw seems to not work properly.

Yes, I think people need to understand how to adjust the bandsaw for a good cut.

Lets talk some time so i can better understand the use of this tool.

Sounds good.