Assistance for the newbie

Hi everyone!

My name is Natasha and I would love to learn/get approved to use some of the wood shop machinery plus the the tufting gun. For scheduling feel free to DM me, I’m free at random times and days.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to getting to know some people!

I can do tufting gun checkouts and I’ll be in Sunday 5:30-8

Hey @NatashaC - I will be making a post to schedule a checkout for the table saw. Please respond with availability in that post if you would like to attend!

Thank you!! Just responded to your post.

Hey @JamesFriend, sorry I was out for the week of the 4th of July. Do you have any availability this week or the next?

I can also give one if @JamesFriend is unavailable.
5:30 on the 13th would work well.

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@Lex Thanks for offering! Unfortunately I work then but I would be free at 7:30pm, not sure if that’s too late. I am free this evening, Wednesday, & Friday.

@NatashaC 7:30 is just fine with me, but I will also be at the space tonight starting at 6 if you are available!

Awesome! I’ll see ya soon, thank you. :slight_smile: