Art path prototype

I talked about 3d printing the prototype, but it’s a bunch of flat parts, so I’m worried they’ll warp. Plus idk the resolution capabilities of our machines.

So, I created a laser table version after all.
I’ve put a dxf for cutting out the 3 parts(3d printed maze laser cut parts.dxf), and a pdf of how to put them together (maze laser cut prototype assy.pdf) in the shared art path drive

The currently model makes a maze that’s 2.5". If you want to make it bigger, just scale all the parts up. Should work at a much bigger size too. And if we can’t get a tiny drill bit, I can stop by and make it work with good ol’ fashioned duct tape later this week


Fyi, I’m gonna make a discord channel for this tonight. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep all our artpath discussion in one spot.